The other guests were nice about it; I was appalled

memories of writing columns over three decades

I’ll confess right upfront that I don’t appreciate a soupy pork rib. I prefer a rib that resists a little, so when someone says he knows a guy who makes ribs that “fall off the bone,” I become immediately uninterested. I yawn. I fidget.

A rib needs a certain amount of chewiness is all I’m saying. A good rib needs to kiss you in return.

Took a nice sampling of baby backs over to Santa Monica the other night for a driveway party with the daughters, the niece and their respective boyfriends.

White Fang came along, snatched two ribs off plates, the way pet wolves will, dismissive of protocol. Oy. The other guests were nice about it; I was appalled.

But the absolute best moments have always been between you and me on the page, where I sometimes shared a quip, or poured my heart out, or teased my kids and my playful pals (Bittner, Big Wave Dave and my attorney, Billable Bob).

For 25 years, I was a minor poet in a major town. And what a town it was.

## ## I wrote on a wide range of topics: trips to London and Paris, and for a while, sports. I wanted to be George Plimpton to drive the lane against the Harlem Globetrotters or chow down with Joey Chestnut.

Chris Erskine is a nationally known humor columnist and editor for the Los Angeles Times. He writes for the Sports, Travel and Saturday sections and edits on the paper’s Features staff. As an editor, he has been a part of two Pulitzer Prize winning teams at The Times (for his graphics work on the Northridge quake and the North Hollywood bank robbery). He is best known to readers for his weekly humor pieces on life in suburban Los Angeles. His latest book, “Daditude,” released in 2018, is a collection of his favorite Times columns on fatherhood. He has written two other books, “Man of the House” and “Surviving Suburbia,” which reached the Los Angeles Times bestseller list. The Chicago native has also worked for papers in New Orleans and Miami.

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